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December 3, 2016

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Blue Chip Alternative

The Gold Series is the new premium line offered by Gravity Guitar Picks. The logo and pick information is laser-engraved following the shaping process. This line compares with top boutique picks such as Red Bear and Blue Chip, which are the same price ... December 1, 2016

Knox-made picks making their way into hands of big-time musicians

Matthew Goins and his son, Allen Goins at the family owned business Blue Chip Picks in Claxton, Thursday, July 21, 2016. Blue Chip Picks is a small company that makes guitar, mandolin and banjo picks that cost $35 and are sold all over the world.... July 22, 2016

The Quest for Tone: How to Find the Ultimate Guitar Pick

Julian Lage, the young jazz-guitar wizard who is in the best possible sense a shredder, uses a heavy pick, BlueChip Picks' TP 40 (1.00mm thick), when playing his 1939 Martin 000-18, Waterloo WL-14L, or 1930s Gibson L-5. “I feel like the pick helps ... January 22, 2016

Blue Chip Picks - Tad 60 RB - TPR 45 - TP 1R 40

I have three Blue Chip picks for sale. The TAD 60 RB (round bevel) and the TPR 45 are in like new condition. The TP 1R 40 has been played more and has more surface scratching, so I discounted that one a bit (blue chips don't really wear and they all ... October 10, 2016

Ten Acts You Absolutely Must See at This Year's Falls Festival

Yes, there'll be heat-induced visions of Milton Mangoes and Castlemaine Cranberries by the Brown Snake with the 1994 Maroons re-enacting their Miracle Try as the singer-songwriter-sacred deity takes to the stage guitar in hand at this year's Falls to ... November 29, 2016

Space age flat pick from I-Tone

Shawn Lane I-Tone pick When it comes to learning a craft, there are lots of insider tips, tricks, and so called “trade secrets” out there – the stuff that “only the pros know” and everyone else is dying to find out. This can be especially true for ... October 4, 2016

Blues Legend: Big Hollow's Plainsman 00

Using a BlueChip TP50, I strum some open-position chords and it takes very little pick-hand force to create a robust accompaniment. Strummed more energetically, the sound blossoms, without the breakup associated with lesser guitars. And the Plainsman ... February 17, 2016

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ARCHIVED TOPIC: Bluechip Picks on the banjo

On the Bluechip site, I remarked that Cynthia Sayer uses them. As those picks are quite expensive, is it also nice for plectrum or tenor, and what type of pick do you recommend ? I like my Blue Chip picks for mandolin, guitar and five string banjo. February 12, 2012


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Guitar Picks January 1, 1970

Art Center Music Guitar Guitar Picks Guitar Amps and Effects For Dummies By Dave Hunter If your strings are where the sound originates, your guitar pick is what sets those strings in motion. It stands to reason, then, that guitar picks of different styles and materials act slightly differently upon those strings and elicit different sounds as a result. Credit: Photograph by Dave Hunter Here are the three main factors influencing guitar picks: Gauge (thickness): Most players’...

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What Blue Chip pick shape do you use? in Technical Info Forum

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