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DIY EVH Style Electric Guitar Kit BYO (Part 1: Unboxing)

December 3, 2016

Video #1 of Eddie Van Halen Wolfgang style project guitar. For more information visit: Links to ...

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Get Out calendar for Sunday, Dec. 4, 2016

Charles Dickens' “A Christmas Carol,” The Ellen Theatre, 17 W. Main St., 3 p.m., $19.75 main floor, $29.50 premium, $17 upper balcony (plus fees) at For questions or to purchase tickets over the phone, call The Ellen box office at ... November 30, 2016

Calendar Listings for the Week beginning December 1

Jazzman Brad Terry and Friends, in the main gallery at River Arts on Route 1 in Damariscotta at 2 p.m. The clarinetist (who's played with Dizzy Gillespie among others) is joined by David Clarke on guitar and Vaughn Deforest on bass. Standards from ... December 1, 2016

#FillUpWhiteCity - a dream far fetched?

There are those who believe music or talent always run in the familyPlease!!!!,talent & dedication is not hereditary,does not run in all genes,neither is it an STI.Just because there is a guitar or people rehearsing next to your hideout bedroom does ... November 21, 2016

Calendar Listings for the Week beginning November 17

Night with Tanner Olin Smith and Tonic Engine in Unity, 7 p.m. at Unity College Center for the Performing Arts. Performances by folk singer Smith on 12-string and Dobro guitar and Tonic Engine, Colby College Community Radio's house folk/rock band ... November 17, 2016

Fields Guide

Be sure to BYO: Natty Boh, grills, guitars, firewood, fanny packs, sunscreen, snacks, and campsite decorations. 5. Across 200 acres of campground, there are plenty of grassy knolls to lounge upon. 6. Sing “Kumbaya” around the campfire pit. 7. Take a ... August 17, 2016

Guitar heroics carry uncomfortably relevant Megadeth at Roy Wilkins

asks Hegg, emerging on the ship's bow in a Minnesota Vikings horns-and-braids hat, leading the crowd in a “skol” cheers (it was BYO horn mug) before “Raise Your Horns.” Whether fans agree with Mustaine's, um, uncomfortable politics mattered little to ... October 5, 2016

Strike a Chord With This Composite Guitar That Looks Like Wood

Acoustic guitars are fussy. Without proper babying, they can warp or crack, and fluctuations in humidity cause the guitar to go deeply out of tune. But we keep making them out of wood because nothing sings as prettily as old trees. Blackbird's El ... July 10, 2016

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Fortnight Group Learn & Share at GROW

We'll gather at GROW, which is BYO Beer/Wine/Soda/Snack to have or share. We are not an Open Mic, but rather we take turns in a Guitar Circle, with the opportunity to Learn and Share while playing with a group. Please RSVP ! Don't add non-playing/singing ... September 20, 2016

Ndux Junior steps out of father's shadow

That's the only change that I've done to my music," said Ndux Junior. The former Air Force of Zimbabwe member said he mastered the art of playing the lead guitar over the years. "Teaching myself to play the lead guitar has made it easy for me to adjust my ... September 12, 2016

BYO Guitar Korina Les Paul Jr

Sounds good through an amp and the body is quite resonant. I have an old 60s p90 in it.. The guitar is nice: here's pros and cons.The two piece body is very well matched and looks like a 1 piece from the top. The top has some flame which looks nice.The ... June 15, 2016

Accoustic guitar and singing at the Coogee Beach WITH BBQ (BYO)

Keep your kitchen clean tonight and put something on the Barbie. But don't be carried away with my singing (or your own) and let your steak burn... Let's play, sing and eat at beautiful Coogee Beach. Meeting on the Coogee walk way near the statue of the ... April 29, 2016

QPOW: Quidditch players go potty for Gold Coast

DON’T be afraid dear Muggles if you happen upon a clutch of grown men and women flying around a park in Broadbeach on broomsticks as the sun sets on Friday night. In a case of life imitating art, the wannabe wizards and witches will be practising the ... April 6, 2016

Extract Lambic Recipe

Extract beers get an undeservedly bad rap. Experienced homebrewers who brew with malt extract often sound apologetic: “I work 90 hours a week and have three young kids… what other option do I have?” The truth is that if you use the same process (full ... November 5, 2015 EVH kit -- Setup help!!

The Verdict: The bridge ITSELF was faulty! Took about 10 seconds (by someone who knew what they were looking at) to determine that the (forgot the term used) the rounded out spots where they meet the posts were totally jacked (paraphrase). Apparently, they ... September 8, 2015


American Hardcore

Feral House.2010.ISBN: 9781932595987,1932595988.408 pages.

"American Hardcore sets the record straight about the last great American...

The Ultimate Guitar Sourcebook

Race Point Publishing.2012.ISBN: 9781610588423,1610588428.288 pages.

A stunning visual guide to the history and development of all types of...

CMJ New Music Report

2000.60 pages.

CMJ New Music Report is the primary source for exclusive charts of...

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Build your own custom guitar – BYO 298 – Dave Fletcher

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Build Your Own Guitar – BYO-305 – Martin

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Build your own custom guitar – BYO 298 – Dave FletcherVIEW MORE

Build your own custom guitar – BYO 298 – Dave Fletcher

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BYO Custom Shop 69 TLine - Guitar bodies and kits from BYOGuitar

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