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Carlo Robelli F-460-N Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

December 3, 2016

BUY NOW: If you're looking for a quality student-model acoustic with classic styling and great playability at a budget-friendly price, the ...

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Carlo Robelli : C-3905EQ

I'm not sure where Carlo Robelli's are made considering I've never even heard of the brand until I played this guitar at the music store. It has a fat neck like a classical should. It has a rosewood neck and on the SamAsh site it says its a nato neck ... September 2, 2005

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Carlo Robelli 6 String Acoustic Guitars

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Carlo Robelli Extended Range Electric Guitars

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Rosin and Extra Strings Full Size SUNBURST Acoustic Electric Guitar Cutaway with 3 EQ, & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucent Blue Medium ... April 4, 2016

Vintage Rare Carlo Robelli JEN J300B Keyboard

Carlo Robelli via Wikipedia: "Carlo Robelli is an Italian maker of guitar and other musical instruments. In the 1960s, Carlo Robelli was a maker of inexpensive electric guitars, such as a model based upon the Gibson Les Paul. The company now focuses on ... November 25, 2015

Carlo Robelli RV505 Hand Carved Violin

Carlo Robelli has always featured instruments of unmatched quality, now upgrade to a hand carved instrument with a beginner level price tag. Carlo Robelli's RV505 violins come from a small shop where quality prevails over quantity. What sets them apart is ... October 6, 2015

Carlo Robelli 3/4 Strat

This is some knock-off 3/4 size Strat guitar. The brand is Carlo Robelli. Its not a high end guitar at all, but it is great to learn on, or for kids since its a smaller size. Pickups and electronics all work fine on it, and it sounds pretty good when ... January 5, 2014

Lot 1013: Black Sabbath Signed Guitar

All four members of Black Sabbath signed this very special piece. They are big signatures on a Carlo Robelli acoustic guitar. Signatures are big and bold. Guitar is in great shape but needs one string replaced. June 28, 2013



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Carlo Robelli Classical & Nylon Guitars January 1, 1970

Carlo Robelli Classical & Nylon Guitars | Guitar Center ?pageName=category-page&N=18160   false Welcome to Guitar Center! We ship to Netherlands. We facilitate your purchases from Netherlands with: Prices displayed in your local currency Customs fees and VAT calculated at the time of order confirmation Guaranteed international shipping prices (no additional fees upon delivery) You can find more information about international deliveries on our website. Not shipping to...

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Carlo Robelli W-4102B Acoustic Guitar (809164010395) - Product Reviews ...

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