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B.C. Rich Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth guitar

December 3, 2016

For more gear reviews and videos check out In this video Guitar World's gear editor Paul Riario demonstrates the features of the B.C. Rich ...

What is the best Chuck Schuldiner Guitar?

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The Best Metal of 2016

Little hints of 1980s thrash are scattered throughout, the virtuosic musicianship echoing the likes of Sacrifice, Voivod, and Annihilator, but coupled with the beauty-in-chaos style of Chuck Schuldiner of Death, the band catapults a rigid sound into ... December 2, 2016

Hear Death's "Legion of Doom" from Deluxe 'Scream Bloody Gore'

Upon its release, it was positively genre-creating. Scream Bloody Gore founded the death metal sound, with more tormented riffs, screams and leads than the world had ever imagined. It also established Chuck Schuldiner's inimitable phrasing and ... May 4, 2016

Stranglehold: Kvelertak's Maciek Ofstad and Bjarte Lund Rolland

When I got better on guitar, I started to get influenced by guitarists. Death was the first band that got me into wanting to play good. Chuck Schuldiner was a great guitar player and a very good songwriter. But I started out just wanting to play fast ... August 25, 2016

CYNIC's PAUL MASVIDAL Offering Guitar Lessons Via Skype

Masvidal's professional career began in 1991 when he and CYNIC drummer Sean Reinert were recruited by DEATH's Chuck Schuldiner to record that band's landmark death metal album "Human". Two years later saw the release of CYNIC's debut, "Focus".... March 2, 2016

DRAGONFORCE's SAM TOTMAN: 'A Great Guitar Solo Is Nothing Unless It's In A Good Song'

I always tell people I definitely spend a lot more time writing a song than writing guitar solos. Obviously, I still spend a lot of time on the guitar solos, but nothing close to the amount of time I spend actually getting the song right first ... February 5, 2015

Sylosis's Josh Middleton: the 10 records that changed my life

“I've never really been into 'shred' guitar, despite the fact that I'm known for doing a lot of sweep picking stuff and shredding. I guess the fact that I listen to a lot of music like Radiohead, Tool and Cult Of Luna – which is a lot less meathead and ... February 26, 2016

Death vs. Psycroptic - Extreme Metal Olympics 2016

Resetting their sights in 1991, Chuck Schuldiner & co. locked in and released one of the genre's most influential albums with Human. Taking the rhythm-first approach and peppering it with understated, progressive guitar work and the world-class ... August 5, 2016

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Watch the Mount St. Schuldiner online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 50 Metal Guitar Licks You MUST Know

Who better to reference this evil tool than the founding father of death metal, Chuck Schuldiner, who aptly used interval el diablo many times over including within the main riff of "Crystal Mountain" from the Symbolic CD. This riff calls upon the same ... November 13, 2016

Gruesome Death Metal – Gus Rios of Gruesome

Paying tribute to the almighty Death and their founder Chuck Schuldiner has come in many forms in recent ... Dan’s a really good guitar player. So he’s like ‘yeah I’m down.’ Then we immediately contacted Eric Greif, longtime Death manager and ... November 24, 2015

DEATH: First-Ever Fully Authorized Guitar Tab Book Due This Christmas

Relapse Records will release the first-ever fully authorized DEATH tab book, featuring 21 classic songs tabbed out for guitar from the band's entire ... the full talents of DEATH mastermind Chuck Schuldiner. In 2016, this legendary album will be brought ... November 22, 2015

The Sound of Perseverance

As the album progresses, a casual listener is able to witness how Chuck Schuldiner's musicianship, songwriting and guitar solos have reached the peak of his outstanding musical career. Furthermore, Chuck did not only use the musical elements that made ... November 19, 2015

Best Death Albums

One of the most influential death metal bands of all time, Death were the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Chuck Schuldiner. Even with constantly ... To All has toured the world playing songs from Death albums. The rotating lineup includes former members ... October 13, 2015

What's the best guitar amplifier under or around $200 to play heavy metal and death metal?

You could probably find a good used Valvestate Combo for $200 or under, depending on where you live. Chuck Schuldiner - the father of Death Metal - played a basic rig like this for most of his career. His tone and signature style were in his hands ... June 29, 2015

Exclusive Track Premiere: Black Fast, “To Propagate the Void”

So when the band inquired if MetalSucks would be interested in streaming the ... the St. Louis foursome conjures the spirit of the late, great Chuck Schuldiner…” Phew! Let our conscience rest easy. Of course there’s the rest of that sentence ... June 9, 2015


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B.C. Rich announces Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth model guitars January 1, 1970

As the singer, rhythm/lead guitar player and main songwriter of the band Death, the late Chuck Schuldiner has been hailed as 'the father of death metal.' B.C. Rich pays tribute with two appropriately named guitars. Like the guitarist who inspired them, both the handcrafted and standard B.C. Rich Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth guitars mean business. Both models feature neck-through construction, alder bodies, ebony fretboards and a single Dimarzio X2N pickup to reproduce the same tones that...

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BC Rich Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth Guitar - Ed Roman Guitars

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BC Rich Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth Guitar - Ed Roman GuitarsVIEW MORE

BC Rich Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth Guitar - Ed Roman Guitars

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