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Jimmy Bruno demos Comins Guitars' Zelig Model - Carved Top/Flat Back

December 3, 2016

Jimmy Bruno demonstrates the new "Zelig" Model by Comins Guitars. This hybrid instrument features a Carpathian Spruce carved top and a flamed Honduran ...

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The Man Who'll Make a Gorgeous Guitar Out of Anything

"His work is very crisp and clean—that's kind of the Artinger thing, the Artinger appeal," says Bill Comins, a Philadelphia luthier whose instruments, a staple among jazz players, have been exhibited in the Smithsonian. "He tends to take everything he ... November 8, 2016

V'Shavu Vanim: The Comins Come Home

I brought just my fiddle, no banjo or guitar. Reggie's sister met as at the airport, took us shopping right away with her car, and arranged both meals for our first Sabbath, both fabulous banquets where we met many interesting people, who were all ... November 13, 2016

The guitar strings at midnight

This Hamlet is not set in modern times for the most part, and the jarring visual of having electric guitars onstage doesn't fade as the play continues. When Comins's Prince Hamlet in his broodier, whinier moments goes to fiddle around on his own ... June 23, 2016

Comins' 'Hamlet' an inspiration

As such, it gives your critic great pleasure to confirm that Danforth Comins — who has long since established himself as one of Oregon Shakespeare Festival's finest, through roles as diverse as Stanley in "Streetcar Named Desire" and Mark Anthony in ... June 25, 2016

OSF's innovative 'Hamlet' stays true to play's heart

Electric guitars hang around Laura Jellinek's spare, steely-looking set, and the stage is crowded with amps and speakers. High above the stage, co-composer Scott Kelly, who fronts a touring band called Neurosis, plays moody, doom-metal guitar phrases ... July 2, 2016

Review: "Hamlet" is given the royal treatment at OSF

He perfectly conveys Hamlet's torment, as he grapples with the knowledge that his uncle killed his father, as he plots his revenge, Comins does a wonderful job conveying the inner workings of a man grappling with his own morality, as he lets revenge ... June 21, 2016

Skiing the mountain of Hamlet

ASHLAND – If you've been to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival at all in the past decade, you've likely seen Danforth Comins in a starring or other major role. From Orlando in As You Like It to Bertram in All's Well That Ends Well, from Mark Antony in ... June 17, 2016

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The Innovators: CallowHIll's Tim Cloonan

He learned luthiery from arch-top-guitar builder Bill Comins before launching his own company in 2004. Tim did not want to compete with his mentor as a guitar builder, so he decided to focus on basses. “I just took the leap,” he says. “I knew exactly ... December 1, 2016

Watch the G Western Swing online guitar lesson by Johnny Hiland from Ten Gallon Guitar

All right folks, now we're moving on to some western swing. There's nothing better in the world than ... to showcase this beautiful jazz box that I'm holding- this is a Bill Comins guitar, it makes you play differently and you'll hear that I use more ... November 13, 2016

Painted and Signed Handmade Guitar from Peter Max, Luthier Bill Comins and Jazz Great Pat Martino

Shipping and handling charges will be determined based upon the winning bidder's shipping address. These charges are based on several factors including, but not limited to: Additional shipping fees will appear as a separate charge after the final cost has ... November 1, 2016

Comins (used, 2003) Chester Avenue 17 inches wide Archtop

This guitar is finished in the beautiful apricot ‘burst which is sort of like an autumn’burst finish. We present for your consideration another superb, hand-made, archtop from the Master Builder of Abington, Pennsylvania. It was made with the wood ... July 15, 2016

The guitar strings at midnight

Does this work? Sometimes. This Hamlet is not set in modern times for the most part, and the jarring visual of having electric guitars onstage doesn’t fade as the play continues. When Comins’s Prince Hamlet in his broodier, whinier moments goes to ... June 22, 2016

Comins GCS-1 review

Any guitar that gets close to those benchmarks is going to be good. We weren't disappointed. There's a little more 'tuxedo' to the Comins. There's a richness to the clean tones, and 'home' might be the neck humbucker, especially cleaned with some volume ... July 11, 2014

2013 Comins GCS-1ES, Sunburst

Perfect for the advancing jazz player, the blues shredder looking for richer tone, or anyone who plays a bit of everything and needs a guitar that can keep up. This Comins GCS-1ES features a semi-hollow mahogany body with a laminated spruce top and ... May 8, 2014


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The Innovators: CallowHIll's Tim Cloonan January 1, 1970

As 5- and 6-string basses have become more popular, the conventional wisdom has been that longer scale length improves the sound of the B string. Anthony Jackson, who conceived of the contrabass with low B and high C, worked with luthiers Carl Thompson and Ken Smith on designs with varying scale lengths—including one behemoth with a 44" scale—to find an instrument that had the right combination of sound and playability. In 1986, he teamed up with Vinnie Fodera to produce a contrabass with a...

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Comins Guitar Craft GCS-1ES Vintage BlondeVIEW MORE

Comins Guitar Craft GCS-1ES Vintage Blonde

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Comins Guitar Craft GCS-1 Violin BurstVIEW MORE

Comins Guitar Craft GCS-1 Violin Burst

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