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December 3, 2016


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Shires' sly sweetness enchants the State Room crowd

He seemed to be the standard tall, guitar-playing cowboy when he took the stage, but jaws dropped when he began to sing in a rich baritone that had hints of Johnny Cash or Conway Twitty, with some solid songwriting to boot. He's worth checking out.... November 12, 2016

Native Bartian Becky Hobbs shares message of 'Nanyehi'

Hobbs started playing folk guitar at age 14 at Madison Junior High, forming a folk duo with friend Nancy Sloan. At age 15, while at College High — when she first became a hippie, wearing mini skirts, go-go boots and long Her songs have been ... November 6, 2016

Songwriter's Round at Douglas Corner Cafe Offers Hit Songs From Jane Bach, Sandra Piller, Becky Hobbs, and Nik ...

Called “The Beckaroo” by friends, Hobbs is a compelling performer whose songs have been recorded by Alabama (“Angels Among Us”), Conway Twitty (“I Want To Know You Before We Make Love” went to #1), George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Emmylou Harris, Glen ... November 8, 2016

Newfoundland Christmas concert coming to Spruce Grove

In addition to Johnson on the piano, the event will also feature Calvin Vollrath on fiddle, who Johnson said is a five-time world champion fiddle player, Clint Pelletier on guitar, Rob Anderson on the pedal steel guitar, Kenny Mak on bass and Andrew ... November 17, 2016

Bentley's Bandstand: November 2016

Bentley Nov Dawes_opt.jpg Dawes, We're All Gonna Die. The usual route for a band working their way to the top of the rock world is to play it safe and accentuate all the known quantities of their sound. A church in a suitcase is what musical ... November 4, 2016

A hit in music, a hit at home

The family moved to Jacksonville, Arkaksas, when Arleen was 8, and about this time, Bobby, who had begun picking the guitar a bit, made the acquaintance of Bill Dixon, a guitar player on the Little Rock TV country music program, "The Tommy Trent Show ... November 15, 2016

The Ballad Of Canada's 'Colonel' Harold Kudlats

"Ronnie Hawkins and Jimmy Ray Paulman -- the guitar player who played with Conway Twitty -- started the Hawks; they got Will Pop Jones, who was Jimmy Ray's cousin, but there was nobody around Helena and Marvel who could play the drums," Helm told ... August 22, 2016

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Conway Twitty - Play, Guitar Play 8-track tape

Conway Twitty (born Harold Lloyd Jenkins, September 1, 1933 – June 5, 1993) was one of the United States' most successful country music artists of the 20th century. Most commonly thought of as a country music singer, he also enjoyed success in early Rock ... November 18, 2016

Saturday Night Special Lyrics by Conway Twitty

I said, "Throw in one bullet, and you've got yourself a deal." A Saturday night special is an easy thing to buy. All you've got to be is 21, or 15 if you lie. Just hand the man the money, and if someone's got to die, The broker in the pawnshop won't even ... November 16, 2016

dont cry joni Conway Twitty

Date: 6/10/01; 1:32:59 PM DON T CRY, JONI Conway Twitty (Chorus 1) (D) Jimmy, please say you ll (A) wait for me (A7) I ll grow up some (D) day you ll see (D7) Saving all my kisses (G) just for you (A) Signed with love for (A7) ever (D) true. (D ... October 1, 2006

One On One chords - Conway Twitty

ARTIST: CONWAY TWITTY INTRO Em, Dm C There's never been a war F C That could ever match the fight we just had C G Em Dm Broken dreams and promises scattered all over the floor C F Now here I stand looking through the pain C That I wish was over C Who was ... January 20, 2002

If I Didn't Love You chords - Conway Twitty

ARTIST: CONWAY TWITTY CAPO ON 2nd FRET C I can't believe it's really me telling you goodbye But, I've run out of reasons to defend your alibis F I can't go on pretending everything is still okay C Now, I know the truth behind all the games you've played G ... January 20, 2002

20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Conway Twitty, Vol. 2

This 12-track addition to the 20th Century Masters series has a couple of Conway Twitty's biggest hits — "Red Neckin' Love Makin' Night," "That's My Job," the Loretta Lynn duet "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man" — but, for the most part, it avoids the ... August 7, 2001


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Country Music History – Essential Recordings of 1973, Part II January 1, 1970

Written by Steve Crawford | November 27, 2016 6:46 | No Comments Nelson Mandela, Satan, Willie Nelson’s underwear. 1.  “Old Five and Dimers Like Me,” Waylon Jennings.  Billy Joe Shaver might have been a rookie recording artist in 1973, but he was thirty-three years old and was no stranger to hard living.  After dropping out of school after eighth grade, Shaver lost his virginity at a Waco brothel, worked as a truck driver, joined the Navy, lost almost three fingers at a sawmill job, worked...

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