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Buddy Whittington on his Lentz Guitar

December 4, 2016

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Christmas comes to Frostville during holiday event

Cindy and Jim Lentz of the historical society were staffing the bake sale table, which featured a variety of homemade pies, cookies, muffins, bread, brownies and other goodies. Mrs. Claus sat comfortably in a chair with a box full of props that ...

www.cleveland.com November 21, 2016

Mini Maker Faire celebrates creativity

Brett Hodge (left) of Redding Parks and Recreation helps Zaden Madrigal, 7, and his brother Avery Madrigal make a device that will pop a balloon as their mother, Michele Madrigal, watches on Saturday at the Shasta County Mini Maker Faire at the Redding ...

www.redding.com November 12, 2016

The Faces of the March Against Misogyny

Linni Kral, B.A. Van Sise “As women and members of the LGBT community, we're just really tired and wanted to draw attention to this,” said Stacy Lentz, co-owner of the Stonewall Inn and co-host of the event. “How any woman can vote for someone who ...

www.villagevoice.com November 9, 2016

Michael Learns To Rock, Wonder Girls tạo bất ngờ cho fan VN

thế giới mà chúng tôi có dịp đặt chân đến. Các bạn thật tuyệt vời và chúng tôi liên tục nhận được những yêu cầu trở lại để tiếp tục những show diễn. Tình cảm ấy giúp chúng tôi như được trở lại những năm 90 ngày nào”, nghệ sĩ guitar Mikkel Lentz ...

news.zing.vn November 28, 2016

Local Guitarist Pat Lentz is a Maestro in Our Midst

Pat Lentz was a clerk at a South End store called the Music Shop in 1973. He was standing behind the counter one day when one of the store's owners walked in and announced that the Music Shop needed a new guitar teacher. Lentz, then making $1.10 an ...

www.louisville.com May 14, 2015

Dr. Rock: Volcano Dogs to be unleashed in Erie on Friday

Bruce Lentz, the former lead singer of the Dogs, leads his latest band — Volcano Dogs — into Erie for the first time on Friday at Bobby's Place. Any similarity between canines is strictly coincidental, said Lentz, who's lived in Pittsburgh for more ...

www.goerie.com September 29, 2016

Brian Houston Responds to Criticism Over Hillsong Youth Pastor Dressing as 'Naked Cowboy' at NYC Church Event

"Carl and Laura Lentz (lead pastors at Hillsong NYC) were also not part of the decision. I can only guess at this point, that some one thought it would be funny and sent him out there without thinking about the ramifications." Michael Brown, the host ...

www.christianpost.com June 4, 2016

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2006 Lentz T

Buyer pays for shipping and insurance. Shipping is based on actual cost for Ground. Overnight and 2 day is additional. International shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Delivery in New York City (Manhattan) is sometimes available or pick up at my ...

www.gbase.com November 27, 2016

Test Drive: Lentz JR Reserve S

Long known as one of the most skilled finish artists in the business, Scott Lentz has also been building highly acclaimed electric guitars for some 40 years—the last 20 alongside his son, Scott Jr.—many of which have landed in the hands of discerning ...

www.guitarplayer.com June 28, 2016

Carl Lentz, Pastor of Hillsong NYC, Reaches Out to Justin Bieber in Love

He has also been seen attending the New York church planted four years ago. Recently, Bieber was even baptized by Hillsong NYC's lead pastor Carl Lentz in a private ceremony. Carl Lentz recalls meeting the 20 year-old pop singer for the first time ...

www.hallels.com November 17, 2014

Carl Lentz Superstar

You know what I would like to give thanks for in the holiday pre-season? Carl Lentz. And to the Daily Mail for this glorious writeup on him, which gives a good summary of Lentz-descriptions in every single article ever written about him. Meet Carl Lentz ...

killingthebuddha.com November 17, 2014

130 Vintage Guitars STOLEN From Fretted Americana In Cali

Well this is sad news, 130 vintage and rare guitars have been stolen from Fretted Americana in California, in what sounds like it could be one of the biggest guitar thefts ever. The shop are famous for selling rare guitars, and showcasing them in videos on ...

www.sonicstate.com October 29, 2013

Jowett Family Funeral Home

Jeffery Lee Lentz, of Beulah, 58, died Thursday October 17 ... Playing music was a passion of Jeff's, playing lead guitar in his band "Motley Stu". On occasion he'd sit in with a band with his childhood friend, Kurt Ludetke. He always tried to make ...

www.obittree.com October 17, 2013

Georges Lentz meets Zane Banks with Ingwe

Composer Georges Lentz talks about his 'awakening' to the electric guitar; and guitarist Zane Banks shows us what it can do. This segment contains demonstrations on electric guitar by Zane Banks; and short excerpts from the following: Monh: viola concerto ...

www.abc.net.au January 5, 2013


Recording Industry Sourcebook, 1990

Recording Industry Sourcebook.1990.363 pages.

The Contemporary Guitar

Rowman & Littlefield.2015.ISBN: 9781442237902,1442237902.360 pages.

The Contemporary Guitar traces the extraordinary rise of the instrument in...


Test Drive: Lentz JR Reserve S

www.guitarplayer.com January 1, 1970

Long known as one of the most skilled finish artists in the business, Scott Lentz has also been building highly acclaimed electric guitars for some 40 years—the last 20 alongside his son, Scott Jr.—many of which have landed in the hands of discerning players such as Buddy Whittington and Phil X. While Lentz has presented many original designs over the years, and continues to build its own shapes in the DL-90, HSL, and Croydon models, this small shop based in San Marcos, California, is...

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