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How to make a guitar pick - five top methods tutorial

December 4, 2016

Five top methods tutorial from (by Mykola Yermolenko) - How to make a guitar pick whithout pick maker - how to make guitar picks In this ...

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Om Swami ji picks up a broom as a makeshift guitar and performs with Farhan. They also play a game where each contestant is given a placard with a chain attached to it which the contestants have to hang from the neck of the contestant they think is ... November 5, 2016

The Rogers brothers celebrate album release at Pioneer on Dec. 10

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Bowie soon put him to work pushing tables together as a makeshift stage. Not long after, Mercury and Roger Taylor opened a stall at On one memorable occasion, Vicious drunkenly wandered into Queen's studio and tried to pick a fight with Mercury by ... November 23, 2016

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Stand Square

Night falls and I make my way to the stage in front of the barn and the makeshift dance floor, really no more than a large square of gravel and dust—there is no platform, no cover if it starts to rain. At some “Does anyone have a guitar pick?” T ... October 6, 2016

Echoes from the Garage

If you've ever spent a Saturday afternoon in a friend's basement slugging beers and banging out guitar jams through a few raggedy amps, a beat-up drum kit, and a makeshift PA (possibly a cheap microphone hooked up to another raggedy amp), then you ... October 25, 2016

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DIY: Make Plastic Guitar Picks Out Of Discarded Credit Cards

Just grab a few of your old discarded credit cards, use an old pick to trace an outline onto the card, and carefully cut the picks out from the outline. And voilà, homemade guitar picks with a recyclable twist. — Andrew Dobrow November 19, 2016

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Munford Celebrate 2016

This site is used to show my homemade Guitar Pick earrings, beaded earrings, necklaces, bracelets and much more. Just post what you would like to purchase, make a request, or contact me for ordering information. September 17, 2016


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